Welcome Note

Udo Udoma and Belo- Osagie (UUBO) is delighted to introduce the Investigations, Compliance and Ethics (ICE) Academy 2018, themed “ICE: Best Practices from the Frontline”. The UUBO ICE Academy, which is scheduled to hold on 6th December 2018, is the second instalment in UUBO’s series of Learning and Engagement initiatives across its practice areas.

Conceptualised as a forum for knowledge exchange among private and public professionals in the investigations and compliance industry, the 2018 UUBO Investigations, Compliance and Ethics Academy will be an informative and highly interactive learning forum. The event will bring together experienced local and international compliance practitioners, as well as government and regulatory officials in Nigeria and beyond, in order for all participants to discuss and increase their knowledge of salient issues and recent trends in the compliance and investigations space.

In today’s globalised business environment, companies and management are subject to a wide array of local and international regulations. This is evidenced by the growing size of compliance and risk teams in organisations. The increasing demand for businesses to behave ethically is also driving the compliance culture of corporate organisations to a level which is beyond a mere box-ticking exercise. As such, the importance of compliance by corporate entities with existing laws and regulations cannot be overemphasised, given the potential risks of reputational damage or imposition of sanctions that may emanate from a compliance failure.

We at Udo Udoma and Belo-Osagie believe that a strong culture of ethics and compliance is the foundation of a robust risk management program, and we are committed to increasing the knowledge pool for corporate entities who wish to remain ahead of the curve Thus, we look forward to hosting leading local and regional institutions and investors at the ICE Academy 2018, as part of our contribution to the strengthening of compliance culture and ethical business practices in Nigeria and beyond.